Texture Collection For Your Scrapbook Project

To some of you who might enjoy digital scrap-booking, this is a collection of textures or background that can be used in your scrapbook project. There is no specific theme here. I just like some splash of colors on my textures. If you're not a scrapbook junkie, I'm sure you can find other uses for these textures. You can download the texture by clicking on each preview image. It'll bring you to the source site. Have fun!

Paper Textures

Large Scrapbook Textures

Floral Textures

Scrapbook Textures

Colorful Splatter Textures

Original Scrapbook Textures

Digital Scrapbook Textures

Scrapbook Textures

Colorful Scrapbook Background

Abstract Textures

Retro Textures

Scrapbook Texture Collection

Texture Pack

Rough Paper Texture

Scrapbooking Resource

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