Download Roses Seamless Patterns

Rose is the most likable flower in the world. Would you back me up on this or disagree with me? Are you loving the delicate petals or frustrated by the spiky thorns? No matter what the answer is, there is no denying that this heavenly creation has inspired many artists all over the world. And earlier today, it inspired me (although I wouldn't exactly called myself an artist). I'm sharing another freebie today. It is a set of colorful rose patterns made from my drawing. I'm still not so good at sketching stuffs. So, if you have any doubt about the type of flower I'm using on my pattern below, trust is supposed to be roses.

There is four patterns, each using different color template. Right click and save the jpeg image. You can then use this image to create repetitive pattern in your design. If you want to edit the coloring of this pattern, you can download the PSD file. Open the PSD in Photoshop and adjust the Color Fill Layers.

Tutorial: Installing Pattern in Photoshop
Download: Roses Pattern PSD

Roses Pattern  Roses Pattern

Flower Pattern  Flower Pattern

Floral Pattern  Floral Pattern

Roses Background  Roses Background