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Having a mustache theme party and have no idea what to wear? Check out this funny and fun mustache quote t-shirts. Or if you don't have any party to go to, just wear it for fun, (especially if you have a mustache and a sense of humor). Although some people find it funny if people with no mustache wear is. This is my collection of humorous t-shirt with funny mustache quotes. It doesn't make sense but that's the whole point of wearing a mustache t-shirt, right?

All these t-shirt are available in both black and white wording. You can also choose and customize the type and color of the t-shirt you want. I would suggest to pick the white wording for dark-colored t-shirt and black wording for light-colored t-shirt.
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My Mustache Stops Traffic I'd do anything for love but I won't shave my mustache Behind every moustache there is a wise man The mustache never lies
My mustache is better than your mustache My mustache has an insurance policy I shaved my moustache and all I got was this t-shirt My mustache is invisible. Nope you can't see it My mustache made you look Talk to the mustache Does my mustache intimidate you? I don't have a job but I do have a mustache Life is short. Grow a mustache Grow a mustache unless you're a woman

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